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Become A Member


We believe that comittment to the local church is important for believers.  Membership at FBC Riesel means several things, but two are most important:

  1. Membership is reserved for those who have made a life comittment to Jesus Christ as their savior and follow him as their Lord.
  2. Membership is a sign of comittment to the mission of our church.  We are a community of faith rather than a social club.  Members are expected to worship, study, pray, and serve together as they each seek to grow in their relationship to God in Christ Jesus.

We accept members in three ways:

  1. By Profession of Faith: when someone has an encounter with Jesus Christ that leads them to put their faith in him as their savior and lord in our congregation we baptize them and receive them into our membership and pledge to help them grow in faith and to develop the gifts that God has and will give them.
  2. By Statement: If some one has made a profession of faith and been baptized at another church we will honor thier comitment to the lord and will receive them into our fellowship.
  3. By Transfer of Letter: often times people who have been members of another Baptist church will request their letter of membership from their former church when they request to join FBC Riesel.

By no means is membership required to attend our church or participate in our activities.  We view membership as a sign of a person's comittment to serving the Kingdom of God in Riesel, and will always encourage people to make such a comittment.  Although voting at our monthly business meeting is reserved for members, worship, study, and any other programs that we offer are free and available to all who would come.  Becoming a member is about a personal desire to serve the Lord in our community with the help and support of other like-munded believers.