FBC Riesel - Sunday School
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Sunday School Classes


In their early years, babies develop trust based on the care they receive. This development of trust is crucial to their later ability to trust God. We provide excellent care for babies' needs in our nursery so that they may develop trust.

Toddlers and 2's

Children will learn the foundational themes of their developing faith. Simple concepts such as "God made me" will be taught through age appropriate, fun and creative activities

3's to Kindergarteners

Children will learn Bible truths in a way that's keeps their interest, and helps them understand how much God loves them. New hands-on tools will help children learn through all their senses, meeting and interacting with the God who made them.

1st - 3rd Graders and 4th - 6th Graders

With a new hands-on curriculum, children will get involved, learning as they explore and engage with their senses. These lessons will help draw kids into God's Word and closer to Jesus.

Youth and College

This class explores on book of the Bible at a time, covering the entire Bible over a 6 year period. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of Scripture, aiding themas they follow Jesus.

Exploring the Bible Adult Class

This will be a continuation of the current adult class. Participants may study a provided lesson between sessions. The class covers topical issues related to the Bible.

Foundations Adult Class

A foundational look at Christianity, church and culture - the foundations class seeks to mature in their faith on the basis of 1) Biblical Truth 2) Community 3) Accountability and 4) Fellowship.

Lydian Class and Men's Class

These classes offer a more mature perspective for those seeking a topical study of the Scripture.