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Welcome to FBC Riesel

Welcome to our church website!  Please take some time to explore our site and learn about our beliefs, our ministries, and our activities in Riesel.  We hope you'll find something that interests you and makes you want to join us for a worship service, class, or Bible study!

Our church motto is "Nurture, Serve, Thrive." These three themes communicate what we as a church are seeking to accomplish in our worship and work.  We, as a church, seek to nurture the faith that the Lord gives every man, woman, and child in our midst, both inside and outside of our church membership.  We desire to fulfill the words of our Lord to "bind up the broken hearted." We seek to serve the people of God in both physical and spiritual ways, meeting the needs of the hungry, the homeless, the destitute, and the lonely by the leadership of the Spirit among us.  To thrive is also our goal, not merely to maintain a status quo of spiritual life, but to continue in our growth in faith, hope, and love as a vibrant and healthy Body under the life-giving leadership of Jesus Christ.

To be who we need to be as a church, and to impact our community in the best ways we can for the Kingdom of God, we must each learn that we do not live by the comings and giongs of this culture, this economy, or this land's moral systems.  We live and move according to God's good pleasure.  I invite you to see just how you can become who you are meant to be through our worship, service, and faith.  By placing our hope in our Lord, we will not wither, but will be nurtured by his Word; we will not forget our mission, but will serve those around us; we will not just get by in this world, but will rather thrive!



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